Studio Julia Janssen makes the challenges of our Digitalizing
Society tangible
in Art and Design

In short: Julia Janssen researches the influence of digitalization on our physical world. She explores gaining more autonomy over our data and digital identity by connecting social, political, and legal issues with art and design. In a variety of media, Janssen provides you with insights to discuss the future of your digital life. How do we deal with fairness, equality, autonomy, freedom and democracy in a data-driven society? Mission: Studio Julia Janssen creates movement. Not towards privacy– but towards a digital society where you can decide who knows what about you.

Working with: Julia Janssen is an artist, designer and public speaker. She mainly works on self-initiated research projects but she always open to collaborations. Studio Julia Janssen offers exhibitions, guest-teaching, lectures, panels, interviews or other presentation forms.Teaching: Janssen is tutor at Design Art Technology, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem. She is also a guest-teacher/advisor at various Art Academies in Europe.

Podcast(s): In The HyperClick Podcast, Janssen invites internationally renowned guests to talk about the future of data, AI and the Internet. If you happen to speak Dutch, you can also listen to Achter de klik