Studio Julia Janssen makes the challenges of our Digitalizing
Society tangible
in Art and Design

Julia Janssen is an Amsterdam-based Artist, Researcher, Public Speaker and Ambassador of Data Protection. 

She makes the challenges of our digitalising society tangible in art and design. Through performative and interactive installations she makes her audience aware of the underlying infrastructures of data-driven technologies, such as informed consent, bias in AI, the right to be forgotten and so on. Her work takes you on a visual journey and explores how to deal with fairness, autonomy, freedom and democracy in a data-driven society. Julia Janssen is also the ambassador of the Dutch Data Protection Foundation, representing lawsuits against X. / Twitter, Amazon and Adobe, an International (guest) teacher, and creator of the Achter de klik & HyperClick Podcasts;

->Rise25 Award Winner: 25 Visionaries Reshaping Our Digital Future. Awarded by Mozilla, celebrating their 25th anniversary.
->FD Talent 2024: Netherlands’ most Innovative, gifted and promising young entrepreneurs. 50 under 35, Awarded by the Duch Newspaper Financieel Dagblad.

Janssen creates awareness & movement, making the Internet a better place. More about Julia Janssen