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2023 Mapping the Oblivion | Mapping the Oblivion is a series of works researching what it means to be forgotten in a world that is built on data. This first installation researches the influence of percentage certainty on our lives. (Funded by the pioneer grant from the SIDN fund | Designed for The Architecture Biennial in Venice 2023, Palazzo Bembo).

2022 2023 Je staat te koop | Campaign and lawsuit against X. Twitter and Amazon (Commissioned and in collaboration with The Dutch Data Protection FoundationStichting Data Bescherming Nederland)

2022 Dear data, how do you decide my future? | An interactive installation with four elements about the decision-making process of AI – and why that process is not neutral. (Funded by the Dutch National Research AgendaNationale Wetenschapsagenda | Designed for Lowlands Festival 2022).

2021 Non-discrimination by Design | Guideline to minimise bias in AI (commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)

2021 The HyperClick | Podcast in English, In conversation with internationally renowned experts such as Cathy O’Neil and Paul Tang.

2020 Why :i: like Green | Almost 4000 ping pong balls printed with Julia’s personal data. To find the data why an algorithm says that she likes ‘prefectures of Japan, sun, sportswear, fright transport, Amsterdam and the colour green – and 106 others. (Funded by the pioneer grant from the SIDN fund)

2020 Achter de Klik | Podcast in Dutch, taking you on a journey behind the surface of the Internet. focussing on dissecting the meaning of the word privacy and why we should avoid (replace) this word in the privacy debates.

2019 0.0146 seconds | A collective read-out-loud performance of 835 privacy policies you all accept with just one click.

2018 One Click | a book with 835 privacy policies you all accept with just one click on ‘got it’ when visiting the website

2018 The Attention Fair | an installation with twelve experiments, games and visualisations on the value of your data. (Funded by the grant for talent development and pioneer grant from the SIDN fund)

Awards and nominations

2016 Crypto Design Award (Winner)
2019 Icarus Award (Nominee)
2022 Breaking Walls (Nominee)

Collaborations and clients

Dutch Data Protection Foundation
Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations
FreedomLab Institute for Redefinition
Lowlands Festival
Microphone Media Podcast Agency
Nationale Wetenschapsagenda / Dutch National Research Agenda
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society


Selection of exhibitions

Architecture Biennial Venice | Palazzo Bembo
Beyond Data: Data for Society | Eindhoven
Data Sharing Days | The Hague
De staat van het Internet | Waag society, Amsterdam
Dutch Data Protection Authority (2x) | The Hague
Dutch Design Week (2x) | VEEM Ketelhuisplein, Eindhoven
I-Interim Rijk | Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations, The Hague
Into The Great Wide Open
Lowlands Festival
MoneyLab | Institute of Network Cultures
Mozfest | Mozilla (3x) |
Museum of Modern Art | Siegen, Germany
OBA | Public Library of Amsterdam
Oyfo Technology Museum | Hengelo
Rijksakademie voor beeldende Kunsten | Amsterdam
Salone Del Mobile | Masterly The Dutch Pavilion | Palazzo Francesco Turati, Milano
Social Economic Council | The Hague
The Big Brother Awards (2x) | TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Todays Art Festival | The Hague
Tolhuistuin | Amsterdam


Selection of talks and panels

De nacht van de filosofie | Leeuwarden
Conference on Research Data Infrastructures | NFDI, Karlsruhe, Germany
Brave New World | Naturalis, Leiden
FAIR Digital Objects | Naturalis, Leiden
ID Next | Utrecht
Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics | Rotterdam
Maxxi Museum of Contemporary Art | Rome, Italy
CataWiki | Amsterdam
De Groene Live: een ander internet | De Groene Amsterdammer and TU Delft | Delft
Bodyscan 223 | Amsterdam Fringe Festival
Dutch Future Society | Digital meet-up
More-IP | Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
Dutch Data Protection Authority | The Hague
I-Interim Rijk | Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations
Art & Consciousness in 2020 and beyond | Todays Art Festival, The Hague
Symposium Post-Master IT-Auditing & Advisory | Erasmus University, Rotterdam
TITL 25th | Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society
The Kick – Design for good | Utrecht
Fixing the Internet: Privacy and Data Beyond GDPR | Freedomlab Campus, Amsterdam
Weapons of Math Destruction with Cathy O’Neil | TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
Design Matters | Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam


Selection of media

Bits of Freedom | Podcast
BNR digitaal | Radio
Boekmanstichting | Magazine
Brainwash Special: hoe intelligent is AI | TV
DAMN Magazine
DDW TV | De macht van de media
DDW TV | Young Talent
De Nieuwe Wereld | Digital sustainability | Live talkshow
De Nieuwe Wereld | Talkshow
De Volkskrant | Newspaper
Dezeen | Talkshow
Fake Me Hard | Podcast
Future Shock | VPRO tegenlicht | Radio
Kassa! | TV
Keuzecast | Podcast
KRO NCVR | Radio
Met nerds om tafel | Podcast (2x)
News&Co | Radio
Public Spaces | Talkshow
Radio 1 08:00 uur journaal | Radio
Radio 1 Nieuwsweekend | Radio
Radio 1 Spijkers met Koppen | Radio
Radio 3Fm | Radio
RTL Editie NL | TV
Tech denkers: de toekomst van creativiteit | De balie | Talkshow
Toekomstbouwers | VPRO | TV
Top Names, Fast Moving Targets | Talkshow
Trouw | Newspaper
VPRO Tegenlicht | Podcast
Vrij Nederland



Design Art Technology | ArtEZ Institute of the arts, Arnhem | Tutor 2022
Istituto Europeo di Design | Rome, Italy | Workshop week
Graphic Design |ArtEZ Institute of the arts, Arnhem | Workshop week
Innovation in libraries | Cubiss, Tilburg | Workshop


2023 Pioneer grant, SIDN fund for Innovation and Empowerment of the Internet user
2022 Arts and science at Lowlands, Dutch National Research Agenda
2020 Own Your Own Data, SIDN fund for Innovation and Empowerment of the Internet user
2019 Private funding, Head of Cyber Security at Catawiki, former head of Cyber Security at Adyen
2017 Talent Development, Creative fund NL
2017 Pioneer grant, SIDN fund for Innovation and Empowerment of the Internet user