Janssen moved to Freedomlab at the beginning of 2017. A campus and institute for innovation and redefinition. A beautiful place across the street from Artis in Amsterdam for the FreedomLab Think tank and other entrepreneurs, start-ups, and journalists working on technology and innovation in a wide scope. It was a strategic choice, to move to a technology space instead of an art and creative hub, to learn from and be surrounded by entrepreneurs and people researching technology too. She worked in this co-working space for about four years and met many data and tech people who defined her career. This place was perfect in the first years of her career. When she realised more and bigger installations, she knew she had to move to her own studio space.

De Werf


She moved to shared studio spaces twice in 2021. First to the Wheelhouse in Amsterdam Centre and then to the Werf in Amsterdam North.

Maakgemeenschap de Hoop

In May 2022 Janssen moved to a spacious studio at Maakgemeenschap de Hoop. A community with about 160 artists, makers and creatives on the edge of Amsterdam.