Privacy statement

Transparency and digital security are important principles of the service of Studio Julia Janssen. Those aspects come back in this Privacy Statement. We attach great value to create a clear picture regarding

your personal data as we shall inform you about these subjects in this Privacy Statement.


Article 1 – Definitions

Privacy Statement: this privacy statement.


User: every user of our Website and our physical exhibition.

Responsible company: Studio Julia Janssen is the controller and located at the Achtergracht 17-19, 1017 WL Amsterdam. You can reach us by e-mail on

Personal Data: the information specified in this agreement with regard to the identifiable natural persons.


Article 2 – Safe transmission of data

All the Personal Data we collect is always well secured. With the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), we have put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures for the use, extermination, loss, alteration, abuse or distribution of your Personal Data by unauthorized parties. Furthermore, Studio Julia Janssen. encrypts your Personal Data by using safe and stable systems and services.


Article 3 – Who is covered by this Privacy Statement?

This Privacy Statement applies to persons whose Personal Data is processed by  Studio Julia Janssen., these are:

All persons who contact Studio Julia Janssen.

Visitors to our Website.

Participants on interactive elements on the website of Studio Julia Janssen.

Participants on interactive elements on an exhibition location of Studio Julia Janssen.


Article 4 – The collection of Personal Data

4.1  Studio Julia Janssen processes Personal Data of a User, which are received by visiting our Website, using our online and physical services and interactive elements.


4.2  Studio Julia Janssen processes the following Personal Data, which are acquired or created by our Website and other electronic technologies: Your IP-address.


Article 5 – Use of Personal Data (when you participate in a game or experiment, designed by Studio Julia Janssen

5.1  Studio Julia Janssen is using your Personal Data for different purposes, which are outlined in this article.

5.2  Your Personal Data is being used to give you a result of the experiment, which will result in a kind of personal score which is related to the answers on the questions on our Website or interactive elements on an exhibition location of Studio Julia Janssen.

5.3  Your e-mail address is being used to send the result of the experiment. It is your own choice to fill in your e-mail address to receive the results.

5.4  Your Personal Data is being used to adhere to our legal obligations.


Article 6 – Legal ground of the processing

6.1  We will never randomly process Personal Data. We always collect on the basis of one of the elaborated legal grounds as mentioned in the article.

6.2  We process your Personal Data on the basis of consent. The given consent for the processing of Personal Data may be revoked at any time. You can contact us at any time to revoke your consent.

6.4  We process your Personal Data on the basis of a legal requirement.

6.5  We process your Personal Data on the basis of a justified interest. Based on this, we can invite you to certain events of Studio Julia Janssen.


Article 7 – Are You That One?

 With regard to article 6, as a User of Are You That One? you will have the choice to directly delete the data after you finished the game. So, in that case we will not save any Personal Data and afterwards you can, of course, always contact us in case you still want to use one of the rights as described under 8.1 of this Privacy Statement.


Article 8 – Change/removal of Personal Data

8.1  You have the right to insight, improve, replenish, delete and guard your Personal Data.

8.2  You can contact us in case you want to use one of the rights as described under 8.1 as we will process your request within one month.

8.3  If we cannot process your request within one month, we will pass on the reason why we couldn’t handle your request and we will give you a new time reference for the correct handling.

8.4  The information as described in this article, shall be provided for free.


Article 9 – Transfer to third parties

 We will never transfer any of your Personal Data to third parties.

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Privacy Statement

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