Dear data, how do you decide my future?

New project | Supported by de Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda, designed for Lowlands Science 2022 | An interactive experience on personal data, algorithm, profiling and bias



Dear data,

You’ve been following me for a while now– Tracing, analysing and mapping almost every aspect of my life, from where I am to what I buy and whom I love. You seem to know me pretty well, but I don’t know you. I don’t know what you know about me and how you influence me. So, let’s turn that around. I want to understand how you are trained to analyse and predict me. I want to know you, follow you and understand you. I want to know how you decide my future, and I’ll need you to find the answers.

In this interactive installation, artist Julia Janssen investigates the influence of data and algorithms on her future. What personal data have Big Tech companies stored about her, and how is it used? Without you knowing it, every click, like, chat and swipe trains the algorithm, and this process is anything but neutral – after all, an algorithm is designed by people. Studio Julia Janssen investigates how data determine your choices and opportunities for the future. And if they already know this about Julia, what do they know about you?