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Artist and designer Julia Janssen takes you on a journey behind the surface of the internet. The digital universe has a lot to offer, but at what price? Nothing is for free. Not even on the WorldWide Web. When it seems free, you are the product.


In every episode, Janssen invites a guest to discuss a specific topic around data, digitalization and algorithms. We are exploring today’s problems and tomorrows opportunities. Let’s find out new directions for the internet.

0 // Just before you click

An introduction to the HyperClick and Studio Julia Janssen

1 // A world without Big-Tech

With Member of the European Parliament Paul Tang.

2 // Datafying your health

With philosopher of technology Tamar Sharon

3 // Victims of Algorithms

With Cathy O’Neil. author ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’

4 // Quantified love

With Roanne van Voorst, anthropologist of the future

5 //

With Steven Levy, tech journalist and author of 'Facebook the inside story

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