Achter de klik podcast | Behind the Click

#0 Voordat je klikt | Before you click

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#1 Klik hier om door te gaan | Click here to continue

#2 Wij hechten veel waarde aan uw privacy

Introduction and informed consent


With Kahtalijne Buitenweg, Member of the Dutch Parliament and vice-chairman of GroenLinks | The Green Left.

Privacy concerns and associated values


With Marleen Stikker,  Internet pioneer and founder of Waag – institute for technology and society.

#3 Door onze dienst te gebruiken | By using our service

#4 Wij verzamelen data over jou | We collect data about you

Privacy as byproduct and choices


With Ruben Verborgh,  Professor decentralized webtechnology and teammember at Solid

Data and more data


With Haroon Sheikh, senior reseacher at WRR - wetenschappelijke raad voor regeringsadvies | scientific council for government policy

#5 Om onze dienst te verbeteren | To improve our service

#6 Wanneer jij data deelt | When you share data

Innovation and Internet 'users'


With Jos van Dijk, Joyce Baars and Marc Carton, I-Interim Rijk IT government agency of the Ministry of the Interior


This episode is made for the I-Interim Rijk Conference

Data sovereignty and data sharing


With Mariane ter Veen, lead data-sharing at Innopay

#7 Data zonder dienst | Data without service

Separating data from service


With Marie-Jose Hoefmans, co-founder at Schluss

#8 Discriminerende patroonherkenning |Discrimination in pattern recognition

Bias in algorithmic decision making


With Bart van der Sloot, Lawyer and Researcher at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT)

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